Systems Medicine Education

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A 4-module, full-year CTE course designed to align with the

Statewide Systems Medicine Framework (WA)

Students Will Learn About

Individual and community health and wellness as a complex system that is impacted by many factors. Innovative approaches for predicting disease risk and identifying actionable steps to prevent disease progression. Interdisciplinary approaches for improving disease outcomes using insights from individuals’ genetics and immune response profiles. Applying their knowledge and skills in the design of a community action project that optimizes the health and wellness of their community.

Topics Include

  • Using empathy to acknowledge the life of the whole person
  • Economics of healthcare
  • Health inequities
  • Systems modeling and systems thinking
  • Blood as a heterogenous mixture
  • Polygenic risk scores
  • The microbiome
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • The impact of stress on our body's systems
  • Navigating clinical data portals
  • Variability of disease pathways
  • Using heatmaps to identify disease subtypes
  • History of innovations to detect and treat disease
  • Exploring the state of health and wellness in the community
  • Design (and implement) innovative approaches for improving community health and wellness
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