Systems Thinkers in STEM Ambassador Program

Announcing our NEW Systems Thinkers in STEM Ambassadorship (STiSA)

What is a system? Why is systems thinking important?
How can systems approaches be used to address complex problems?
These are just some of the questions we will explore in our new two-tiered online program for rising junior and senior high school students (current sophomores and juniors).

In addition to the learning objectives below, students participating in this program will have the opportunity to build their 21st-century learning skills, gain knowledge of STEM careers, pathways, and workplaces, and strengthen their STEM identity and aspirations.

Eligible students can participate in just Tier 1, or both Tier 1 & Tier 2:

Tier 1 Tier 2
Delivery Mode All content and activities will be delivered online using Zoom, and completed synchronously All content and activities will be delivered online using Zoom, and completed both synchronously and asynchronously
Commitment 1x, 2-hour workshop
  • 1x, 20-hour course
  • Independent, paired or small group Ambassador project
  • Project showcase event in October 2021
Timeframe Workshops will be offered throughout February, March and early April 2021 Courses will be offered throughout late Spring & Summer, 2021. Ambassador Program will run through the Fall.
Eligibility Rising high school juniors and seniors who have completed our online application will receive a registration form to sign up for a workshop. Refer to our FAQ page for additional eligibility questions. Please be patient while waiting to receive your email and make sure to check your spam folder. Students who have completed Tier 1 + an asynchronous project (details provided in the workshop) will be invited to select a course based on our modules. April 5th UPDATE: with over 400 interested participants who have completed thorough applications, we have decided to have students complete a scheduling survey instead of an asynchronous project. If you completed Tier 1, you were emailed more information and a link to a survey during the 1st or 2nd week of April.

In Tier 1 of this interactive program students will:

  • Learn what systems are and how systems thinking is used by STEM professionals featured in our Systems Thinkers in STEM video series
  • Use an online modeling tool to create and modify a systems model
  • Learn about the 16 systems thinking skills and why they are important
  • Create an infographic to develop their understanding of one of the systems thinking skills
  • Track their systems thinking skills development using an innovative heatmap

In Tier 2 of this interactive program students will:

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