AMR 360

Antimicrobial Resistance Affects Us All

What is AMR?

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of a microbe (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) to grow in the presence of drug concentrations that are normally lethal. Microbes can acquire AMR which is particularly dangerous if they are pathogenic.


Many deadly pathogens that were once under control are now making a come back by gaining resistance to all known antimicrobials. AMR is projected to cause over 10 million fatalities worldwide by 2050 if we do not dramatically change the way we use and talk about antimicrobials.

What is AMR 360?

Addressing this urgent threat will require a systems approach to create awareness across the globe and catalyze action at the grassroots. Therefore, The Baliga Lab at the Institute for Systems Biology has launched AMR 360. AMR 360 is an expanding international network of scientists, physicians, educators, students, and professionals that have joined to educate and activate students in creating systemic change through community action projects.

We are looking to grow this network and welcome your participation.