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PROJECT FEED 1010 (1010=10 billion) aims to make scientific breakthroughs for scaling up sustainable agriculture while transforming STEM education to generate a massive workforce and entrepreneurs for a new economy. We dream of a future where every unused urban space is repurposed for sustainable food production, where everyone is a citizen scientist, and we are all prosumers (producers + consumers) in a smart food supply chain.

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PF1010 is pioneering a crowd-sourced network of scientists, teachers, students and farmers to optimize aquaponics – a sustainable food production solution that combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in water) to support year-round crop production with up to 90% less water usage than conventional agriculture. PF1010 Website provides detailed information about the project and includes useful resources for participants to get started in their own projects.

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Aquaponics Data Management

(Currently Unavailable online, but available via GitHub. If you need help accessing this system, please email us at

In the past, students, classrooms and/or schools were able to create their own profile to be part of the community and have access to the worldwide network of sustainable food thinkers! They could monitor and analyze data from aquaponic systems around the world to observe and compare patterns and trends in these complex systems. We are no longer updating this system. If you would like to have access to this resource, please email us at and let us know. Perhaps we can partner to have you update, maintain and share this resource with others.


Modeling Sustainable Food Systems is a series of two curriculum modules created from Project Feed 1010 work. In both modules, students in 8th grade and high school life and physical science courses act as interdisciplinary scientists and delegates to investigate how food insecurity can be eradicated in countries around the world.