Lesson 1 – Cell phone network introduction

Course:  Integrated Science, Physics, Biotechnology and/or STEM courses

Unit:  Measurement, Scientific Process, and Instrumentation Design


See Standards Addressed for all NGSS, WA State (Science, Math and Literacy), and NOAA Ocean Literacy Education Standards Connections.  In addition to the aligned objectives linked above, for this lesson, here is a breakdown of:

What Students Learn:

  • A network is a system of interconnected parts. These parts may be organisms, genes, molecules, etc…
  • Nodes are the parts of a network, and edges are the relationships between those parts of the network
  • A network shows the flow of something through a system, including information (cell phone network), energy (food web), etc…

What Students Do:

  • Students create and analyze a cell phone network.
  • Students use a computer program (Cytoscape) track flow of information through a network
  • Students use a computer program (Cytoscape) to interpret the impact of removing nodes on a network