FREE Summer Workshop for High School Science and CTE Teachers

Have you ever wondered… …what’s happening in current research labs? …what systems biology really is? …what STEM professionals do? …how people become STEM professionals? Have you ever wondered how you can EASILY incorporate… …interdisciplinary, hands-on science in your high school classroom? …systems science AND systems thinking into your high school curriculum? Then this workshop is […]

Baliga Lab Receives Two MJ Murdock Awards

The Baliga Lab at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is the winner of two grants in the amounts of $15,000 each from the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust for its 2013 Partners In Science Program. Each of these two year grants will enable two high school teachers to collaborate with scientists in conducting research projects […]

Standards Addressed

These modules are created based on National and WA State Standards.
For more information on which standards are addressed please see the appropriate link AND please also see the sections on “What Students Learn” and “What Students Do” within each module page.