Interested in Field Testing our New Modeling Curriculum?

Please join us as at NSTA in Chicago on March 13th, 2015!


Two of our team members will be presenting a draft version of our latest modeling curriculum.  We will walk teachers through this cross-disciplinary curriculum  that teaches students how dynamic systems models are developed, evaluated, and applied to understand complex scientific issues such as cancer and the environment.

NetLogoModelSince 2003, we have been using NSF funds to translate our STEM, systems biology research into curriculum modules in the Baliga Lab at Institute for Systems Biology.  This newest project translates our systems and computational modeling into high school curriculum around three different case studies involving cancer, the environment, and bioenergy.  We are building on the Next Generation Science Standards and our previous curriculum to further high school students’ understanding of systems models. We will share with teachers the draft form of our interdisciplinary curriculum, will share field testing results, and will elicit feedback from participants about suggested new directions and needs.

For NSTA participants and for those who are interested in field testing our materials – please download these draft documents.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like a different version of these files.  We have a draft that uses Stella instead of NetLogo and also have Word Versions of these documents.

More coming soon!