STEAM Towards a Healthier World

Ramya Arumilli

Kamiak HS, WA

Junior (2019-2020)

Career Goals:

I’m interested in an intersection between medicine, political science, and public health. I want to pursue a medical career and become a practicing physician while applying that knowledge to public health policy for an international organization, such as the UN, to directly impact a population.


What did you learn from this course?

My most significant takeaway from this course is the immense diversity and intersection of careers in STEAM, which expanded my knowledge of potential career fields.


What advice do you have for future Ambassadors?

My advice for future ambassadors is to keep your mind open when listening to the presentations of guest speakers. It is incredibly valuable to consider each and every potential career option before ruling it out. Having preconceptions may prevent you from pursuing a career that you are well-suited for.

– Showcase Project –

"The World and Your Body"

Who/What inspired this project?

While at the Seattle Science Foundation, I had the opportunity to see the lungs of a smoker. The discoloration and changes in structure fascinated me and led me to further learn about how our choices affect our organs.

How does your project communicate the relationship between the environment and health?

By displaying organs in their healthy form and comparing them to those affected by alcohol, smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, sun exposure, and pollution, my project demonstrates how one's lifestyle choices affect the health of their body.

Who is your target audience?

My target is students from late elementary school to high school. I chose this audience because they are the most susceptible to peer pressure, yet have sufficient time to change their lifestyles before causing irreversible damages to their bodies. They are also largely willing and able to change their habits and are perceptive to new ideas.

As an Ambassador, how do you plan to share your message with your target audience?

I plan to develop my design into an app that can be used to supplement health classes, or as a way for children to explore the human body.