Interested in participating in immunotherapy research?

Interested in participating in immunotherapy research? Join the melanoma program at UCLA to learn about how we characterize tumor microenvironments in order to advance sequential therapy to combat cancer. You will participate in state-of-the-art immuno-oncology research and will contribute to learning modules so that others can better understand new therapies. This paid internship will provide you with many new wet bench and professional skills! Image from Wang, et al 2021,…

Are you interested in helping high schools usher in the future of health?

Join our Team as an AmeriCorps Member! This 10.5 month position is easy to apply for and can be your first step in making a positive impact by working with high school students, teachers, and STEM professionals to usher in the future of health. Medicine is shifting from a reactive disease-care system to a proactive Systems Medicine discipline that holistically optimizes wellness and minimizes disease. ISB is preparing students for…

Science and Math Teachers – need a break from the classroom?

Consider joining us for a paid summer position! These in-person, summer research and curriculum development positions are easy to apply for and can reinvigorate you for the years ahead. Position Overview Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is currently hiring teachers to work full-time or part-time for 2 to 7 weeks during the summer of 2022 for anywhere between 80-280 total hours. Since 2004, the Baliga Lab has partnered teachers with…

ISB Education Takes Virtual Road Trips to Offer Skills, Experience for Teachers

Since October, 50 high school teachers representing several school districts across Washington have participated in a series of ISB workshops. “We quickly realized we were in a unique position to help educators pivot into remote teaching,” said Caroline Kiehle.

The Power of Touchscreens: ISB Researchers Develop Game to Help Students Learn Molecular Biology

Pop quiz: What’s the difference between DNA, RNA and proteins? ISB researchers have created a video game that teaches secondary students (grades 6-12) the key tenets of molecular biology in a fun, interactive and engaging way, and can be used by teachers as a supplemental aide to assist with complex lessons.

Dr. Knatokie Ford Shares STEM Journey, Learnings and Advice in ISB-Town Hall Seattle Livestream

Dr. Knatokie Ford was the featured speaker of a virtual event hosted by ISB and Town Hall Seattle, and shared many of the experiences that helped pave her way to become a leading voice in STEM policy and advocacy, and identified several ways parents and teachers can encourage kids to become tomorrow’s STEM professionals.

Reshaping STEM Education Toward a More Equitable Future for Students

ISB Assistant Professor Dr. Sean Gibbons recently participated in a virtual event titled “Reshaping STEM Education Toward Equitable Futures for Washington Students.” Panelists shared their insights about how to leverage this complex moment to reshape STEM education toward equity, sustainability, and prosperity for Washington state’s students — especially those furthest from opportunity.

ISB Education Prepares Teachers for New Realities of K-12 Learning Amid Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a drastic impact on K-12 education. In response, ISB Education stepped up with a series of virtual workshops to provide much-needed support for student learning. Since March, more than 500 teachers and principals representing every educational district across Washington state have attended our “Systems Are Everywhere” workshops.

During Coronavirus Outbreak, Free Online Resources for Stuck-At-Home K-12 Students

ISB Education is continually working to identify effective resources to support student learning. In response to the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of K-12 schools across the nation, we recognize that many schools and families are looking for resources to meet the needs of students.

‘Innovation to Impact:’ 8th Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon Shines Light on ISB Education

The 8th Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon celebrated ISB Education’s mission of engaging entire school systems — from principals and administrators to teachers and students — to ensure all students are STEM literate. Nearly 100 people attended the event at ISB, and generously gave more than $100,000 for ISB Education.