Aquaponics – Introduction

Introduction A human crisis of unprecedented proportions is in the making. Diminishing arable land, water shortage, and expected population growth to 10 billion portend a catastrophic food security crisis by 2030. This threat requires a dramatic reduction of the environmental footprint of agricultural practices. A paradigm shift to the food supply chain is necessary to […]

Lesson FS7: Summative Assessment – United Nations Council Meeting

Students conduct a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Summit (UN Summit) in order to address the food security challenges of the countries they’ve researched throughout the Food Security module. Through the UN Summit, students recommend actions to improve the food production system as a representative of their country and follow-up with an individual critical evaluation of the proposed actions.

Class: 17 | Genetically Modified Organisms

Natural selection, artificial selection, genetic modification & cloning all result in same thing –desired or most fit phenotypes, but the processes are different and have different ethical considerations. Predict offspring phenotypes & genotypesDifferentiate between natural selection, artificial selection & genetic modification & cloningAppreciate benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)Clarify concerns about GMOsPrioritize biodiversity Genetics Worksheet & Readings