Class: 18 | GMO Consequences

Main Theme:

GMOs are integral to modern application of biotechnology, basis of medical research and drug production in many areas, and modern agricultural practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Clarify concerns about GMOs
  • Evaluate case studies of GMOs
  • Prioritize biodiversity

Due Today:

Assign Today:

Habitat Worksheet & bring picture of endangered species to class on Friday.

Next class:


Lesson Plan:

A. 20 min 

Learning objectives & Review artificial selection, GM & cloning.

B. 30 min 

Benefits and uses of GMOs in agriculture and medicine using GMO case-studies of Bt Maize, & Golden rice & transgenic, green fluorescent mice.

C. 25 min 

Environmental and economic, aspects of GMOs – current unanswered ethical questions with case-studies of herbicide resistance in weeds and MRSA appearance.

D. 1 min 

Homework – complete genetics, start habitat & bring picture of endangered species & know reason it is endangered for Friday.


Post Class Notes

Just a bit too much material for complete social consequences and Captain America discussion. Students interested in MRSA evolution, most could list the concerns environmentally, economically & socially. Took some probing to get them to recognize benefits of GMOs outside of agriculture.