Computational Modeling – Overview

Welcome to a unique module experience

Our standard SEE curriculum modules are written for science teachers to guide students through lessons. This Computational Modeling module is different. This has been written for students to move through online modeling activities at their own pace and based on their own interest.

Activities can be selected based on the level of difficulty or based on the computational tool you want to learn.  All activities will result in building a computational model or models that help you explore today's complex issues and questions. This will guide you to ultimately applying your skills to build and share a model of your choosing.  These will also prepare high school and college students who are studying statistics, math, computer science, environmental science, physics, integrated science, biotechnology, or STEM courses to use systems and computational thinking combined with online tools that are used in both the workforce and in academia.

These activities cover topics such as feedback loops, behavior over time, data visualization, and differential gene expression with computational tools such as Loopy, Stella Online, Ocean Data View, NetLogo, R, Python, and more!

Download and share a one-page printable description of the module.