Resources For Students

For Students

There are many opportunities for high school and undergraduate students to participate in one or more Systems Education Experiences. This page highlights how students can begin learning now from our free resources and from previous interns and ambassadors. Students can also learn how to apply for future events and opportunities. Read More about “For Students”

Resources for Teachers

For Teachers

Teachers are an integral part of all Systems Education Experiences. Use this page to learn about opportunities for teachers to work and learn with ISB through SEE. All experiences and resources feature integrated real-world STEM practices, content and careers. Teacher experiences are aimed to help teachers themselves, but also their colleagues and most importantly their thousands of students. SEE aims to help all thrive not only in the classroom but also in the broader world. Read More about “For Teachers”

Resources For Partners

For Partners

Our partners enable, amplify and extend SEE’s mission of cultivating interdisciplinary skills for solving complex problems. Use this page to learn about SEE’s current partners and to consider how you may want to engage in this important work. Read More about “For Partners”

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View SEE’s Timeline of Highlighted Events

SEE Timeline

Since 2003, we have been working year-round to cultivate interdisciplinary skills for solving complex problems. This timeline captures the events, internships, courses, curricula and activities that help us achieve our mission. Read More about “SEE Timeline”

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What Standards are Addressed?

Standards Addressed

These modules are created based on National and WA State Standards.
For more information on which standards are addressed please see the appropriate link AND please also see the sections on “What Students Learn” and “What Students Do” within each module page. Read More about “Standards Addressed”

Is SEE Having a Positive Impact?

Our Impact

SEE is cultivating interdisciplinary skills for solving complex problems. Use this page to learn how we are improving STEM identity, broadening STEM participation, strengthening STEM persistence, advancing 21st-century skills, and helping students and teachers build social capital. Read More about “Our Impact”