Taybah Alam

The Bronx High School of Science – Queens, New York
Class of 2023
Tier 2 Course: Systems Medicine – Cohort 1

Taybah Alam was born and raised in New York City. Her research interests include infectious disease epidemiology and pathology, especially in vulnerable communities that require more attention. As a System Thinkers in STEM Ambassador, she evaluated ways to deliver appropriate care and understand the accessibility of quality healthcare with the many research studies, simulations, and models of health conducted. It helped her comprehend ways to recognize systems and numerous perspectives when considering the state of health in the United States. She prefers interactive activities and working around students who are just as spirited to explore and tackle the systematic social and economic struggles for health access. In the future, she is eager to contribute to the future of public health and healthcare safety in high-risk areas, and develop her system thinking skills.

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