Sifat Hasan

Eastlake High School – Redmond, Washington
Class of 2022
Tier 2 Course: Computational Modeling – Cohort 2

Hi! I’m Sifat (@sifat101), and I’m currently a senior attending Eastlake High School. I’m interested in various computer science fields, ranging from computer vision to bioinformatics. Growing up I have been exposed to many different applications of computer science, which has honed my interest towards specific fields within computer science. During this ambassadorship, I learned how to use systems-thinking skills to approach problems by using a “systems” approach. Thus, I was able to solve larger problems by using a holistic approach – investigating interactions that could influence an outcome. During the cohort, I used Google Colab and its built-in data science tools to build computational models of natural phenomena. Later, I decided to use these skills in R studio, and grouped linked genes (based on functions) into clusters using link-community networks, node centralities, community modularity, and other computational methods in R studio and Cytoscape.

Check out Sifat’s data visualization for his Genes with Linked Functions activity!

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