Sayana Isaac

Interlake High School – Bellevue, Washington
Class of 2023
WANIC Course: Systems Thinking for Health & Wellness

Sayana Isaac ( is a junior at Interlake High School. She is currently very interested in the social sciences, specifically history and politics, as well as medicine. Throughout high school, she has taken on leadership roles and worked closely with the Alzheimer’s Association and Junior State of America, a youth-led organization aimed at encouraging open political discourse. Her involvement in these organizations, as well as her observations of persisting social inequality within hospitals and the healthcare system, has furthered her interest in the intersection of the social sciences and medicine. In her free time, she loves music and deeply enjoys volunteering as an assistant music therapist for children with autism. She is very excited to share her project regarding healthcare inequality and to continue her ambassadorship with the Institute of Systems Biology! 

Check out Sayana’s human health project below!

My involvement in the Institute of Systems Biology Systems Medicine course furthered my knowledge about the many disparities and inequalities prevalent in the healthcare industry – a topic I was already fascinated by. Because I volunteer in a hospital and have personally observed the challenges faced by non-native English speakers in clinical environments, I chose to create a series of videos in multiple languages to provide basic information about the healthcare system. These videos are intended to be displayed in classrooms since the target audience is high school students who do not primarily speak English. I am excited to continue creating these videos in more languages and sharing them with high school teachers and students!


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