Sagunya Malhotra

Eastlake High School – Sammamish, Washington
Class of 2023
Tier 2 Course: Bioengineering a Sustainable World – Cohort 2

Sagunya (@be_inspired_w_sagunya & @sagunyamalhotra) is a Junior in Lake Washington School District. She seeks to combine her interest in technology and science with her passion to make a difference in people’s lives. She supports her school and fellow students by being on the Advisory Council for Association of Washington Student Leaders and a Sammamish Youth Board member. After successfully qualifying for DECA nationals, Sagunya went on to guide her fellow members as a DECA Mentor. As part of the Computer Science Honors Society she co-led an app hackathon for 230 LWSD middle schoolers. She continues to cultivate her passion for STEM and science by being an officer in the Robotics Club and participating in TSA competitions. Sagunya earned her Presidential Volunteer Service Award by being active in her community, raising money and supporting local and international charitable organizations, especially those focused on care for women and children.
Sagunya’s passion for science and STEM blossomed in middle school building 0.5oz balsa-wood towers that withstood over 800lb in weight and designing competition robots. She loved her high school Honors Biology class which prompted her to explore interdisciplinary summer internships which would educate her about the world and enhance her understanding of science. This led her to join the ISB internship. After completing her 2-week research internship she continues her journey by participating in the STiSA Stewardship Environmental project. She expects to continue a lifelong journey exploring the world of science and providing stewardship in solving the challenges facing us for a sustainable earth.

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