Nathan Zhang

Interlake High School – Bellevue, Washington
Class of 2023
Tier 2 Course: Computational Modeling – Cohort 1

I (Nathan Zhang) am a junior at Interlake High School. As a child, I enjoyed skiing with my friends, dancing Hip Hop and Zumba, marshal arts, and other fun activities. I played soccer and participated in Boy Scouts, occasionally spending time to explore new languages, such as American Sign Language, the languages I don’t get a chance to learn in school. I love puzzles, riddles, and escape rooms, anything to get my brain into gear. I was involved with a ton of STEM-related activities from a young age and the Interlake IB Program taught me how to set up labs effectively, the rigorous academic attitudes necessary for scientists, and the different steps of the scientific process (planning, hypothesis, and analysis).

The ISB Ambassadorship enlightened me about the subjects of data analysis, graphing, and how code can be used to simplify and enhance data in the fields of biology and Computational modeling. I had a great time working with others on projects and learning more about Google CoLabs. I appreciate this program for providing such a wonderful opportunity, encouraging younger generations to get introduced to specialists and hands-on experience. This program really helped me improve my creative problem-solving skills through independent and group work.

Check out Nathan’s immunologist career presentation!

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