Mansi Sharma

Scripps Ranch High School – San Diego, California
Class of 2023
Tier 2 Course: Bioengineering a Sustainable World – Cohort 2

Mansi Sharma,  is a junior, at Scripps Ranch High School. Last summer she participated in the  Bioengineering a Sustainable World Ambassadorship at the Institute of Systems Biology. There she gained valuable knowledge regarding systems thinking and bioengineering in order to create a more sustainable environment which motivated her to start her own project regarding sustainable housing in third world countries. Mansi is interested in biology and bioengineering and furthers her interest in science and engineering through multiple STEM-related activities. 

Mansi is currently conducting astronomical research and writing a research paper that will be soon published in a reputable journal. Mansi also participates in Stellar Xplorers which is a program focusing on aerospace, aviation, and engineering. Mansi spends her time volunteering doe multiple organizations such as the American Red Cross Club, Bridges Society, Peer Tutoring, She is also a member of the National Honor Society and is a club officer for the National Honor Society at her school, and the Calfornia Scholarship Foundation. 

Mansi is interested in a career in the medical and engineering field and this ambassadorship brought her one step closer to her goal while gaining valuable insight.

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