Kiki Wang

Bellevue High School – Medina, Washington
Class of 2022
Tier 2 Course: Systems Medicine – Cohort 2

Kiki Wang is a senior from Bellevue High School. Inspired by the idea of intersecting arts, science, and humanity, Kiki seeks to explore classroom science and outside STEM opportunities using a multi-faceted lens. She’s a passionate community builder by being involved in Key Club and Red Cross leaderships, NHS chemistry tutoring, and hospital volunteering. As the President of her high school Chemistry Club, Kiki supports her club members by both preparing USNCO materials and initiating chemistry hands-on projects, including the Microbial Art project featured by ISB. Hoping to learn about the integration of systems in STEM, Kiki participates in ISB Systems Ambassador program to learn more about systematic biology and identify interdisciplinary science fields. In the future, Kiki hopes to use her knowledge in organic chemistry to synthesize and identify potential therapeutic agents for human diseases with the aid of technology

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