Joshua M. Koch

Lakeside School – Seattle, Washington
Class of 2023
Tier 2 Course: Bioengineering a Sustainable World – Cohort 2

I am Joshua Koch, 16 years old, and I go to Lakeside School. Some of the things I love to do include being outdoors, playing soccer, playing ultimate frisbee, and being with my friends. This Bioengineering a Sustainable World class, through the Institute for Systems Biology, was really my first introduction to climate change, beyond just what I had gathered from the news. Over the course of the class I learned, among other things, about how algae is a promising renewable resource that we could potentially use in the future. I have taken this knowledge, and my newfound excitement over climate change into this school year through taking a Climate Change and Global Inequality class, and into my family and friends life through having conversations about climate change. This new interest has continued to grow and I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about climate change, what can/is being done about it, and using that knowledge to think about what careers I could potentially pursue in the future.

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