John Luu

Raisbeck Aviation High School – Tukwila, Washington
Class of 2023
Academic Year Internship

Hello! My name is John Luu, and I am a student at Raisbeck Aviation High School (STEM). At school, I enjoy challenging myself with rigorous courses, leading/participating in clubs, and making fun memories with friends.

Being able to work with ISB has given me the great opportunity to grow my passion for life’s systems. Alongside this, apply a systems thinking approach to problems, grow an understanding of computational biology, and explore careers within laboratory research.

As someone interested in the physiological effects of drugs and affected by Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, I focused my research at ISB on exogenous melatonin’s efficacy and safety on the human body. Throughout this, ISB has guided me in writing a literature review. Feel free to follow along as I continue the process!

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Check out John’s project outline below – more coming soon!
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