Brianna Estocapio

Ballard High School Seattle, Washington
Class of 2025
Environmental Systems in the Outdoors Research Experience

Hello! My name is Brianna Estocapio and I’m a rising junior at Ballard High School. Throughout my educational career so far, I have aspired for not only academic success, but concomitant personal and communal engagement with participation in my high school Chamber Orchestra, competing in my area’s Distributive Education Clubs of America sector, and contributing to public-health focused volunteer work through my National Honor’s Society chapter where I prioritize macro pollutant management and local produce gleaning. In my free time I enjoy writing, birding, and photography!

As a preceding Environmental Education Volunteer working with Seattle Parks and Recreation, I started the Environmental Systems in the Outdoor Research Experience with prerequisite interests in the microbial health of urban forests and presence of microplastics in community waterways, both of which I was able to expound my knowledge upon through the ESORE program. Connection-based learning and the innovative approach strategies I was taught when considering overall health of a system compel me to use similar thinking components when elevating research endeavors in my future career ambitions, such as branches of life sciences and genetics.

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Check out Brianna’s ESORE work below!

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