Annika Weber

The Northwest School – Seattle, Washington
Class of 2022
Tier 2 Course: Bioengineering a Sustainable World – Cohort 1

I am a senior at The Northwest School in Seattle, WA. I am interested in biology, geosciences, and environmental sustainability as well as bioethics, environmental journalism, urban planning, and the connections between science, economics, and social justice. Learning how algae can be bioengineered to produce sustainable fuels taught me that I can have a positive impact on the world through science – research doesn’t have to stay in the lab or get lost in libraries of dense scientific papers. I spend time organizing climate justice action at the community and political level, implementing emission-reduction and other sustainability projects at my school, and working in my school’s urban garden. I also love to play the cello, run, backpack and ski, and declutter my house.

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