Alon Ragoler

Eastlake High School Sammamish, Washington
Class of 2025
Systems Thinkers in STEM Ambassador– Systems Medicine 

Alon Ragoler is a high school junior at Eastlake High School who enjoys volunteering his technical skills for various nonprofits and local middle and elementary schools. He aims to use his knowledge of math, programming, and science to positively impact both the local and global community, serve the underprivileged, and promote STEM education.

At ISB, Alon did a project about malaria. He wrote a research paper that explores the biology behind malaria, how it impacts humanity, and various methods of treating or ameliorating the disease. Alon hopes to raise awareness about malaria, as it is a highly neglected problem that largely affects Third World countries, widening equity gaps.

In his free time, Alon enjoys playing piano and percussion, running, and reading xkcd comics.

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Check out Alon’s System Medicine project below!
Alon's STISA Project - Analyzing the Impact of Malaria as a System
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