Alessandra López

Blanca Jeannette Kawas Institute – Tela, Atlántida, Honduras
Class of 2022
Tier 2 Course: Computational Modeling – Cohort 1

Alessandra López is a senior at Blanca Jeannette Kawas Institute, located in a small town just minutes away from Tela Bay. She thoroughly enjoys Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Biology and always has had a keen interest in understanding how the universe works. Because she’s deeply interested in all four fields, it’s always been a dream of hers to research and work on the cross-section of these sciences, to the point where the Institute for Systems Biology Ambassador Program has been one of her favorite experiences. Additionally, throughout her High School career, Alessandra has participated in several national and international physics competitions to keep learning about the universe and her surroundings. By being part of the Institute for Systems Biology Ambassador Program (Computational modeling track), she learned to recognize systems, make predictions with data, and be confident about her ideas and knowledge. Her hobbies are broad, but some of her favorites are drawing, reading books, or going for a walk with her best friend. She looks forward to applying her new systems thinker skills in her academic, professional, and everyday life.

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