Abhinav Taneja

Redmond High School Redmond, Washington
Class of 2025
Environmental Systems in the Outdoors Research Experience

Hello! My name is Abhinav Taneja, and i’m going into my junior year at Redmond High. I love playing the piano, swimming, and pole vaulting at track and field. I am very interested in genetic engineering and learning more about environmental systems and the natural function of our ecosystems. ESORE has been super helpful when it comes to exploring and learning about different careers in the STEM space. Getting to see and experience new research has definitely sparked more of an interest in science!

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Check out Abhinav’s environmental project and ESORE work below!

Everyone loves dogs, but with dogs, comes dog poop. The problem with throwing away dog poop is that it is contained in single use plastic, where it will end up decaying and releasing greenhouse gases in a landfill – not the most environmentally friendly. Our soil is losing organic matter globally, so why throw away free organic waste when we can compost it instead? Additionally it is estimated that 1.23 million pounds of plastic is generated yearly from dog poop bags. The solution to this is simple: composting. I am currently working on implementing a dog waste composting system in a local park, coming soon!

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