Teacher Background Information – Ecological Networks

The Great Salt Lake is an interesting ecosystem to study due to the organisms that inhabit this saline environment and due to the impact humans have had on this ecosystem. In 1952, a causeway was built to replace an existing railroad trestle. Unlike, the previous trestle, the new causeway does not allow circulation of water between the two sides of the Great Salt Lake.

Ecological Networks – Advanced Preparation

Advance preparation and materials required for each lesson: Lesson Description Preparation and materials Lesson 1 Building cell phone network manually on paper Lesson 1 Prep.doc Lesson 2 Cytoscape analysis of cell phone network Lesson 2 Prep.doc Lesson 3 Researching background on extremophiles Lesson 3 Prep.doc Lesson 4 Introduction to the GSL case study; hypothesis generation and experimental design Lesson 4 Prep.doc Lesson 5 Practicing use of spectrophotometer and micropipettes Lesson…

Ecological Networks – Overview

The development of network concepts for students begins with a highly interactive inquiry into cell phone networks. Cell phones serve as a handy knowledge base on which to develop understanding. Each cell phone represents a node, and each phone’s address book represents an edge, or the calling relationships between cell phones.