Death Valley Community Meeting Role Play

To conclude the career activities of the Observing Beyond our Senses module, we suggest students role play a “Town Hall” community meeting. Students should have learned enough content and done enough guided interview work to be able to stage a “Town Hall.”  A Town Hall is a community meeting attended by a wide variety of constituents who speak about a topic while representing their point of view and specific interests….

‘Innovation to Impact:’ 8th Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon Shines Light on ISB Education

The 8th Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon celebrated ISB Education’s mission of engaging entire school systems — from principals and administrators to teachers and students — to ensure all students are STEM literate. Nearly 100 people attended the event at ISB, and generously gave more than $100,000 for ISB Education.

Contributors: Introduction to Systems

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Contributors: Observing Beyond our Senses: Inquiry Drives Technology

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The Team

Meet the Baliga Lab Team and the people who are initiating AMR 360 AMR 360 is an education campaign requiring interdisciplinary efforts to address the threat of antimicrobial resistance. We are looking to grow this network and welcome your participation. Learn more about AMR 360 here.      

ISB’s Mónica Orellana, Nyasha Chambwe Honored With Inaugural Education Recognition Awards

At ISB, many of our scientists and STEM professionals give their time and expertise and make profound impacts on our educational programs. Two of our researchers — Dr. Mónica Orellana and Dr. Nyasha Chambwe — were honored with inaugural Education Recognition Awards for their devotion to providing quality STEM education.

Biology Classes ‘Come Alive’ After Teacher’s Summer with ISB

Kyle Kinzler, a high school biology teacher from Portland, Oregon, spent part of last summer at Institute for Systems Biology to evolve his curriculum and learn new ways to teach relevant, compelling and innovative content to his students. As a result, he says his classes has “come alive.”