Lesson 5 – Data Analysis Halo Salinity Experiment

Course:  Life Science, Integrated Science, STEM

Unit:  Ecological Networks Part 1- Network interactions


See Standards Addressed for all NGSS and WA State (Science, Math and Literacy).  In addition to the aligned objectives linked above, for this lesson, here is a breakdown of:

What Students Learn:

  • An increase in salinity allows for an increase in halobacteria population size
  • The reliability of data increases with an increase in the size of the data pool/set
  • To draw reliable conclusions, multiple trials/replicates should be performed

What Students Do:

  • Students analyze lab results of the Halo salinity lab to determine the optimal salinity for halobacteria growth
  • Students interpret their experimental data to make conclusions about the observed pattern of halobacteria growth in the north arm of the Great Salt Lake.
  • Students discuss/identify possible errors/sources of variation in their results.
  • Students plan an appropriate investigation from the list of potential hypotheses