Lesson FS7: Summative Assessment – United Nations Council Meeting


Students conduct a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Summit (UN Summit) in order to address the food security challenges they have researched throughout the Food Security module. As a representative of their country, they recommend actions to improve the food production system and follow-up with an individual critical evaluation of the proposed actions. The UN Summit is an authentic, Project Based Learning (PBL) product that incorporates current Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and systems thinking.  Students will synthesize and apply knowledge and skills acquired in Food Security (FS) Lessons 1-6, and work collaboratively to solve real-world problems.


Please use this Complete Food Security (FS) Module link to access the most up-to-date version of our Food Security Curriculum Module (last updated 04/16/19) which is currently being field-tested. Here is a link to just FS7 Lesson (Updated 11/01/18). If you would like to field test these lessons, please email us at see@systemsbiology.org.

NOTES FOR TEACHERS PRIOR TO TEACHING THIS LESSON – all of the documents mentioned below can be found in the Lesson FS7: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Summit document.

Print and read:

    • PartII UNSummit Systems Thinking Guide Teacher Key

Prepare the following supplies:

    • Posters: 1 per country group
    • Post-it notes: 4 per student
    • Markers: class set

Pull up on computer:

    • UN Summit overview table (4th page of this document)
    • UN Overview Video
    • WRI 2013 – “The Great Balancing Act”

Print 1 copy of the following per student:

    • Part I_UNSummit_Overview_(Student)
    • Part I_UNSummit_Gathering Information and Finding Solutions (Student)
    • Part II_UNSummit_Systems Thinking Guide (Student)
    • Part III_UNSummit_Testing_A_Solution_(Student)
    • Part III_UNSummit_Claim_and_Evidence_Rubric_(Student)

Print 1 copy of the following per country group:

    • PartII_UNSummit_Example_UN Actions_EastFenwick_(Country_Group) (May need to reformat references)
    • Optional: Example_UN Goals_FAO_Sustainable_Development
    • WRI(2013)_The_Great_Balancing_Act

Print 1 copy of the following per UN Summit group:

    • PartII_UNSummit_Grant_for_Proposed_Actions(UNSummit_Group) 

Student need to gather these resources from previous lessons in the module:

    • FS1-FS6: Building Your Case worksheet  (handed out during FS1)
    • FS3: Stakeholder Guiding Questions (Student)
    • FS3: Stakeholder Table (Student)

Links to websites and papers for country information:

Not required, but additional information if interested

Case Study: Haiti

Case Study: North Korea

Case Study: Namibia

*All links to curriculum documents were updated on 11/01/18*


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