Lesson FS5: Why Don’t We Just Grow More?


In Lesson FS1, students were asked to respond to a formative assessment question: “Is the answer to the growing lack of food security in a growing population simply to grow more food?”. Students will revisit their responses and will be using today’s lesson to add to or modify their answer and justifications by exploring the issue of why solving the global food crisis by simply growing more food is not as easy in reality as it is on paper. In Lesson FS4, students started to visualize food security as a system. They will continue to explore the idea that when nodes are interacting in a system, modifying one node can have far-reaching consequences for the entire system.  In this lesson, students will focus on the stakeholders introduced in Lesson FS3, by analyzing an article and evaluating the impact that possible solutions to global food insecurity will have on stakeholders.


Please use this Complete Food Security (FS) Module link to access the most up-to-date version of our Food Security Curriculum Module (last updated 04/16/2019) which is currently being field-tested. If you would like to field test these lessons, please email us at see@systemsbiology.org.


For your convenience, the following are quick links to the resources required for Lesson FS5: Why Don’t We Just Grow More?. Links to these resources can also be found in the Lesson FS5 document.

The following are resources attached to the end of the Lesson FS5 document:

    • The Great Balancing Act- Reading Guide (Student Version)
    • The Great Balancing Act- Reading Guide (Teacher Version)
  • Balancing Act Article Chart Analysis Handout

*Links to curriculum documents (except Application 1) updated 11/01/18*


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