Lesson FS3: Who Cares? Stakeholders!


Stakeholders are a vital part of the food security system. It is important for students to realize that to solve the global issue of food insecurity, all of the stakeholders’ voices must be represented. In a system, there are often trade-offs to being able to make something work. They will have an impact on the system and other stakeholders, based on the choices they make and the resources they use. In this activity, each student group of 2-3 (depending on class size) will be assigned the role of a stakeholder and will receive a stakeholder information card along with guiding questions that will help them prepare a 2-3 minute poster presentation to the rest of the class on their stakeholder’s position on the food security crisis. Each student will also be given a blank stakeholder table to fill in the information being presented by their classmates. This activity will be followed by lesson FS4 where students will build a causal loop diagram of the network created by the stakeholders involved in the food security crisis.


Please use this Complete Food Security (FS) Module link to access the most up-to-date version of our Food Security Curriculum Module (last updated 04/16/2019) which is currently being field-tested. If you would like to field test these lessons, please email us at see@systemsbiology.org.

This lesson follows the FS Pre/post-assessment, Lesson FS1: Introduction to Food Security , Lesson FS2: Critically Evaluating Food Production Techniques and the FS APPLICATION 1. Please consider sending electronic versions of any student work to see@systemsbiology.org.


For your convenience, the following are quick links to resources required for Lesson FS3: Who Cares? Stakeholders! Links to these resources can also be found in the Lesson FS3 document.

The following are resources attached to the end of the Lesson FS3 document:

    • Stakeholder Guiding Questions
  • Stakeholder Table

*Links to curriculum documents (except Application 1) updated 11/01/18*


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